McDonald’s Madness Part 1

Hi everyone! This is part 1 of a three- part topic. In these posts, I’m going to be covering an issue which has annoyed me greatly for a while now: whether or not McDonald’s is a diabolical murdering facility. That’s right- I’m blogging about whether or not McDonald’s is actually bad for you.

I’m going to start by talking about the “pink paste”. This is one of the three most common argument I hear against McDonald’s – that their meat is full of this processed pink goop. Some of the stories about the pink paste are true. However, the pink paste is not “evil”. It is simply ground up connective tissue that is treated with ammonium hydroxide to rid it of E. coli and salmonella. This site- -explains the process. Then the treated meat is mixed into the rest of the meat. Then it is cooked, which kills the rest of the bacteria. I found many sites that mentioned the study by Carl Custer and Gerald Zernstein (the one that found that pink paste is a “high-risk substance”), but I couldn’t find a link to the study itself anywhere. If you can, please link to it in a comment. There are tons of websites which claim that pink paste is “evil”. This is one example of them- . They’re all chock-full of bad research and rather ridiculous points. Several of them say that “pink paste isn’t meat,” despite the fact that FDA regulations require that all food advertisements that include ingredients be true, and the McDonald’s site says all their meat is 100% authentic beef, chicken, and fish. You can see everything they say here- . “Pink paste” is just ground-up meat. It’s quite safe once cooked, and if you don’t use it, you waste a lot of cow. “Pink paste” can be found in almost every type of ground meat, and if you don’t want to eat anything that once contained potentially harmful bacteria, I can’t help you. I hear about far more food recalls for vegetables with harmful bacteria than meats.

Besides, McDonald’s no longer uses “pink paste” in their foods- no doubt in response to the picture that swept the Internet for about a decade.

If you have any questions or evidence for or against my post, or you disagree with any of the points I am making, please leave a comment. I will either reply in the comments or post a follow-up. Thank you for reading! Stay skeptical!


About linskeptic

Hi! I'm Lin Skeptic. I'm twelve years old, and I'm in seventh grade. I am a huge fan of science and the skeptical mindset. This is my first and only real blog. My "catchphrase": Stay skeptical!
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